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Learn More About Latex Latex Care & Maintenance

Latex Care & Maintenance

Washing the Latex

Latex are known to have anti-bacterial properties, thus washing is not need for latex. If it happen for user to have spills some liquid type of material, then it is allowable to wash under a condition which is very important to remember, that is never let the latex core be exposed to direct sunlight. As is may destroyed the latex material. Cover it or let is dry in ample shade or left in under the fan to dry slowly.

Spot cleaning

For those accidental spot stains, use a warm water and mild detergent. remove the cover and clean the stains spot gently. Remember to make sure it is dry before your install the cover back.

Dust mites, Bacteria & Allergy

As for your knowledge, latex that derived from natural rubber tree is a material that have dust mites & bacteria repellants. Latex is a perfect bedding material for user who have sensitive skin or any other allergies. Latex is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-dust mite.

Rotating and Turning a Latex Bed

It is  a general recommendation that all mattresses should be rotated regularly to maximize the mattress lifespan. For normal type of mattress, every 3 to 6 month is recommended to turning over. But not for latex mattress, due to the highly resilient nature of latex, the need to rotate them is often less than other mattresses. Ideal recommendation for turning over a latex mattress is once 1 and half year.

Moving a Latex Mattress.

As you may know, latex mattress is heavier than other spring type of mattress. To avoid any injury, ask for few people to help and handle it with much more care.

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